If you need a professional mix you are in the right place. Continue reading to see all the details.

Contact me


Once sent the recorded material you will receive the final mix between 3 and 7 days. You can also ask for mp3 mix previews and revisions. Of course, all the process will be undertaken keeping in touch to make sure to work in the right direction.


Stereo mix (50£): Vocals or single instrument mixed with a pre-mixed stereo track (for example a rapper on a beat or a solo guitar on a backing track)

Multi-track stems mix (from 80£): A full session with group stems or single track stems mixed with the possibility to work individually on each instrument.

Contact me to have further information without any commitment.


The tracks must be sent as WAV files min. 44.1Khz24/bit. Mp3s or any other low-quality format will not be accepted.

Contact me

What will you receive together with the final mix?

The final mix folder will contain:

  • Final mixed track (WAV)
  • Instrumental (WAV)
  • Acappella (WAV) – if needed
  • Group stems (WAV) – if needed






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