Your new track has a great beat and wonderful lyrics but the mix doesn’t sound as good as you want?

I can do it for you! I offer a professional mixing service! Read down the info.

Contact me


Once sent the recorded material you will receive the final mix between 2 and 5 working days. You can also ask for an mp3 mix preview and then ask a maximum number of two revisions.


Stereo mix (50£): Vocals or single instrument mixed with a pre-mixed stereo track (for example a rapper on a stereo beat or a solo guitar on a backing track)

Multi-track stems mix (80£): A full session with group stems or single track stems mixed with the possibility to work individually on each instrument.


The tracks must be sent as WAV files min. 44.1Khz24/16 bit. Mp3s or any other low-quality format will not be accepted.

Contact me

What will you receive together with the final mix?

The final mix folder will contain:

  • Final mix track (WAV)
  • Final mix track (Mp3)
  • Instrumental (WAV)
  • Acappella (WAV)
  • Group stems (WAV)

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